Some tips on how to best look after your new leather item.

All Nizzo products are made of real(nice) leather, which means that the grain and colour of every piece is unique and unrepeatable, small marks or scars are natural features and should not be considered faults.
If you’re the cautious type you might like to apply a protective cream to help keep the baddies out, although watch out if it is suede type.

Be extra careful/paranoid about using pens near leather as ink can soak below the surface & won’t come out!
Leather is basically a skin, so avoid scraping it on rough surfaces or leaving it in the sun for too long as it can cause it to dry and change colour.

“I got it wet!” Be sure not to dry it too quickly – room temperature is fine (unless you live in the Sahara 😉 and NO to hair dryer next to your wet bag, and be sure to keep it in the shape you want it as it’s drying, as it’ll remember the shape it was when wet, so maybe if it got soaked under the rain- fill it with newspapers and let it dry.
For the first month of actual use, avoid taking the handbag out in wet weather. This should give the fibres sufficient time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water.

After the first month of use any spots of water or rain can be gently wiped into the leather, rather than allowing droplets to just sit on the surface. If you wish to clean your handbag, you can purchase a cream from various online leather care outlets. Always use a neutral, rather than a particular colour (which will contain a dye) and test on an inconspicuous area of the handbag.

Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers and also from dark leathers into light coloured clothing. Be aware that the leathers are dyed and as such for the first few wears they may transfer a small amount of colour onto clothing. This is a typical characteristic of vegetable tanned leathers and will mean that your bag ages beautifully.