Nizzo is a brand of leather bags and accessories, designed and made in The Netherlands. Our idea is simple- to create carefully made pieces, using quality materials with clean aesthetic.

Our items are constructed using leathers handpicked to ensure the best quality pieces go into making our bags. Hides come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures meaning each bag is totally unique.

Based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, we find inspiration for our items around us. Contemporary designs aim to provide all the form and functionality required in day-to-day mobile lives. We create our bags around the theory that any good wardrobe is built on a foundation of beautiful basics. The subtle and elegant nature of the range aims to reflect this, meaning each piece has a timeless but modern appeal.

Since 2014.

We were mentioned by: Gift Guide: Handmade – DesignMilk

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We love nature and animals, sometimes even more than people (some people ), what we don’t like is plastic. Any plastic.
We believe in natural way of things and freedom of choice. Freedom is a key word in everything we do. We also believe in beauty and that it will save the word.